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    So there is a new Club in town, one for adults which will be run by adults and entirely for adults.


    It is a start only, after all the talk it still has to be a commercial proposition, as we will receive no subsidy, but as it will be focused totally on Masters so there will be a very direct correlation between cost and pool time.


    At the moment we have one lane at Crook Log on a Saturday between 18:00 and 19:30 (simply you have to start somewhere) and Emma has agreed to be the coach with Simon on cover, and dependant on Parkwood pricing confirmation, it should be £12 per month.

    If there is a Gala on a Saturday then our pool time will flip to the Sunday, and in the very rare event Crook Log host a weekend Gala we would be bumped (no refunds as we intend to be as money grabbing as we possibly can from the start – but I am assured we will be looked after).

    The Founding Members will have to sort out, ie. pay for, their own ASA membership, if not already acquired, and once established then there will be a £25.00 joining fee that will include the basic ASA membership.

    Bexley Masters will be affiliated to London Region ASA granting members the ASA insurance cover, but more importantly the opportunity to partake in all the competitions organised.

    Many of you will already be familiar with this but I have a slight inclination to organise things so Bexley Masters Gala’s and Aquathon’s are pretty much guaranteed.


    There is a bucket load of paper work still to be completed, although the Constitution is done, and any suggestions of bylaws please, seriously please, keep to yourself, but the rest will be done soon, website pretty close etc AND 3RD DECEMBER 2011 is the date earmarked for the first swim so I need those, some of whom have said “count me in”, to email me and say Yes please can I be a part of this and I can afford £12pm and am willing to sign the forms.


    It really is crunch time, and there can only be so many Founder Members.


    Need a logo as well if anyone has any ideas?


    Look forward to hearing from you one way or another.



    Regards Richard