• October 21, 2011 / 

    The when is 18:00 to 19:30 at Crook Log    however if there is a Gala on then we will “flip” to the Sunday at the same time.


    Due to gala’s these are our altered swimming times for the remainder of 2017;

    W/e 17th & 18th June    Sun 18th June  19:00  Crook Log

    W/e 24th & 25th June     Sun 25th June   18:00  Sidcup

    W/e 30th & 1st Sept/Oct    Sun 1st Oct   19:00  Crook Log

    W/e 14th & 15th Oct      Sun 15th Oct   18:00  Erith

    W/e 11th & 12th Nov       Sun 12th Nov   18:00  Erith

    W/e 25th & 26th Nov        Sun 26th Nov    18:00  Sidcup

    W/e 9th & 10th Dec      Sun 10th Dec     19:00   Crook Log