Swim for Fitness

Swim for Fitness


Also please check out some health facts….

Swimming is a great low impact  exercise. Not only that, swimming is one of the few sports that exercises the whole body. It also a skill that potentially can save your life.

But it is essential to swim with a good technique and with the right sets to get the maximum benefit out of your swimming sessions.  According to British amateur swimming association “masters swimming is essentially swimming for adults – it encompasses the whole range of ability from casual fitness swimming for those who want a workout to highly-organised competitive swimming.

You can find more about masters swimming here.


 We are a mix ability club and if you can swim, putting your face under water, and are over 18  don’t be afraid and get in touch. If you are a complete novice and want to learn to swim we can help you to organise some 1-2-1 lessons so you can join our club as soon as you can swim 25m any stroke, putting your face in the water.

Please contact us for further information.